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1. “Stop saying these negative things about yourself. Look in the mirror and find something about yourself that’s positive and celebrate that!” -Tyra Banks

2. “Self-love has very little to do with how you feel about your outer self. It’s about accepting all of yourself.” -Tyra Banks

3. “I’m competitive with myself. I always try to push past my own borders.” -Tyra Banks

4. “Black women have always been these vixens, these animalistic erotic women. Why can’t we just be the sexy American girl next door?” -Tyra Banks

5. “I’m a perfectionist. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s okay if there are flaws here and there.” -Tyra Banks

6. “My mom never taught me to be waiting for some prince on a white horse to swipe me off my feet.” -Tyra Banks

7. “I don’t go to the cool, trendy restaurants. I go to either the holes in the wall or the super-fancy restaurants where there are no cool people.” -Tyra Banks

8. “I think I’m too young to be a mogul. I think I’m too young for that.” -Tyra Banks

9. “A smart model is a good model.” -Tyra Banks

10. “Designers are very fickle. I never wanted to be a victim of that. You’re in one minute, out the next.” -Tyra Banks

11. “There’s always going to be dreams and goals I have, but I never really tell people what they are.” -Tyra Banks

12. “Black women don’t have the same body image problems as white women. They are proud of their bodies.” -Tyra Banks

13. “You can’t model for the rest of your life, so it is important to diversify your career.” -Tyra Banks

14. “Models now need to promote themselves, think like businesswomen and diversify their careers by doing other things. Chances are very slim that a mere model will become a household name today.” -Tyra Banks

15. “I’m not sure exactly how gossiping about my life with my audience really helps them.” -Tyra Banks