Cindy Crawford Collection of Quotes

About Cindy Crawford:

Born: February 20, 1966


Profession: Model, Businesswoman

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1. “Watching your husband become a father is really sexy and wonderful.” -Cindy Crawford

2. “Even I don’t wake up looking like Cindy Crawford.” -Cindy Crawford

3. “There are things I’d wish weren’t part of aging. But what you gain is much more than you’re giving up. I don’t think you come into your own until you’re 35 or so.” -Cindy Crawford

4. “I think the way kids learn most is not by what you say, but by what you do.” -Cindy Crawford

5. “Not that I believe you can have it all: I believe you can have it all, just not at the same time.” -Cindy Crawford

6. “I don’t look like I did 20 years ago, nor should I.” -Cindy Crawford

7. “Nobody in my family ever thought I’d be a model.” -Cindy Crawford

8. “I don’t have to try to perfect at everything.” -Cindy Crawford

9. “I married someone whom I was close friends with first. I think that was a really good move.” -Cindy Crawford

10. “I’ve tried and failed a lot. But I’ve also tried to be very clear about my brand. It’s who I am.” -Cindy Crawford

11. “My breasts are beautiful, and I gotta tell you, they’ve gotten a lot of attention for what is relatively short screen time.” -Cindy Crawford

12. “My goal in life is not to be happy everyday…my goal in life is to just be present.” -Cindy Crawford

13. “Model is not who I am, it’s what I do.” -Cindy Crawford

14. “Even the failures are great gifts.” -Cindy Crawford

15. “Sometimes knowing what you don’t want, or what doesn’t work; gets you one step closer to what you do want, and what does work.” -Cindy Crawford